Expenses fraud demystified


How this e-book will help

In the many years that we've been providing expenses management software we're learned a lot about human nature, and a lot about expenses. For most people expenses fraud isn't something to worry about – but the reality is that it does take place occasionally.

If you are concerned about the risk of expenses fraud, or just want to know more about it, this e-book can help. This e-book is not designed to scare people, but to offer guidance and advice.

We've shared this e-book to set your mind at rest. Think of it as a helpful document that you can keep on your virtual 'shelf' in case you ever need it.

What this e-book does:

- It provides a lot of helpful information.

- It tells you, in a no-nonsense way, using lots of reputable resources and research, what fraud is and what it costs UK businesses.

- It points out some red flags which could be early-warning signs of fraud.

- It offers solutions, and suggests ways of detecting and preventing fraud, from writing apt expenses policies to dealing with fraud if you find it, so that you're prepared if the worst happens.

- The articles have been written and compiled by a selection of experts, as well as the Concur team, to cover a broad and valuable range of topics.

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